Some electric installation info for lamps and lampshades

A lighting, a lamp or lampshade needs to be connected to an electric  outlet.

Either from the ceiling or from the wall.
If you don’t want to mess up with all that installation. Call an electrician.

But having the knowledge to do it yourself, here here is a link where you can get information on how to diy:

Then here are some simple tips how to do it :

Of course you need some socket on the wall. You need to have a  long cable with a plug and switch. The length depends on the measured distance from the socket to the spot where you’d like to attach the lighting and for a pendant you should consider the extra cable length to the height of your pendant.

You should run the cable from the socket downwards close to the floor and then parallel to the floor up to the point where it will be concealed as much as possible when you raise it up to the defined spot on the wall or on the ceiling.

As you go along you should use special nails or special adhesive to fix the the cable to the wall and ceiling.

This is a good inexpensive solution and for rented homes.

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