The secret of patterns

The secret of PATTERNS in home design

Decorative paper& palm leaves fiber desk lamp



We are surrounded by patterns everywhere we go. Whether we’re out or at home. The wall textures can be smooth, have exposed bricks or just a designed wall paper. Tapestry can also add more patterns- A floral or geometric design fabric on a coach or pillows for example.






How do we make all of those patterns work together ? When is is it too much or too dull and boring?

Pattern detail from magazine paper lampshade

Well, we have to decide what’s more important to us. If we have patterned stuff that we like, that we want to keep, we can build our decoration around it.

We can choose neutral colors for the walls, for example.

We can put a lot of patterned stuff but keep it in the same pallet with different tones.

We can incorporate many different patterns in black and white and their tones.

Have fun!



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